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Slowly building a huge backlog of videos that I should be posting @__@
This post will feature some iterations on the Apprentice's dorm room!


Screenshot a little bit high contrasty, but I blame Unreal's post effects.


Test ideas for dialogue bubbles.

Initial dorm room idea. A small personal area for your character! Later ditch this idea due to game play (camera) constraints.

Doubled up the room size quite a bit to make the third person camera more inviting.
Slight hitch when swapping day and night lightmaps (This won't happen in the end game, just active toggling for testing purposes).

Fading wall blueprint! What's the point of having neat objects and walls if they obscure the player? This is an idea to solve that problem. Can possibly use this tech for secret hidden areas!

The Vampire Apprentice > Dev Update > Initial room ideas

Testing some camera ideas. I had an idea to separate the stairs / transition rooms. When triggered, the player will teleport to a different room & use that room's fixed camera. When the player leaves the room, it'll trigger in reverse, teleporting the player back to the main room with it's player camera...